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93M gasmask
93M gasmask

Components of 93M gasmask set:

  • Gas mask
  • Filter canister
  • Carrying bag

93M is the Hungarian version of ARFA, developed by GIAT Industries and adopted by the French armed forces. The mask is equipped with a 40xl/7" connection thread to the filter, a voice transmitter and a drinking device. The body of the mask and the visor assembled with it is made of polyurethane, resistant to the aggressive agents and meeting the chemical protection and combat requirements. Available in four sizes the mask provides a very good airtight seal for different face shapes and insures good comfort for at least 24 hours, without causing stress.

The following accessories for the mask are available:

  • eyesight correction assembly
  • connection tube for the drinking device
  • microphone assembly
  • sun visor
  • cleaning kit

93M filter canister

NBC filter developed by Respirator Company., which provides protection against gases, vapours, dusts and aerosols, chemical warfare gases.

93M carrying bag

Equipped with straps, allowing adjustments and fixing either on the shoulder or the waist belt, the carrying bag made of water repellent material provides room for the mask and its accessories.

Technical parameters

Inhalation resistance:
With continuous air flow of 30 l/minute: <50 Pa
With continuous air flow of 95 l/minute: <150 Pa

Exhalation resistance:
With continuous air flow of 95 l/minute: <160 Pa
With continuous air flow of 160 l/minute: <300 Pa

Facemask weight: max. 500 g
NBC filter canister weight: max. 320 g
Filter efficiency against liquid particles: 99.999 %
Filter efficiency against solid particles: 99.95 %
Thread of the mouth: rd 40x1/7"


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