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Water supply module (RBA-35kVi)
Water supply module (RBA-35kVi)


Water supply module is a feeding unit designated to provide first responder or personnel decontamination systems with the following:
  • heated water (with admixtured personnel decon agent) - for 1st wet phase of personnel decontamination ("decon"),
  • heated (clean) water - for 2nd wet phase of personnel decontamination("rinsing"),
  • heated water (with admixtured nuclear or bio decon agent) - for nuclear or bio decontamination,
  • cold water (without heating) - for any cleaning or maintenance needs.

Main units:

  • water pump,
  • heat exchanger (flow through system),
  • decon agent mixing unit (venturi),
  • water input connection (D-Storz),
  • water output connections (quick-connectors),
  • decon agent mixing unit (venturi),

This independent mobile module is able to pipe cold water, or heeted water, or a mixture of heated water and decon agent, and to keep them at a proper pressure. Mixing rate of venturi can be adjusted for different decon agents by the service level.

The module can be feeded with drinking quality water from:

  • collapsible water tank,
  • water transportation vehicle,
  • pipe system (through a pressure reducer /included/).

Main characteristics:

  • power supply: 220V / 16A
  • max. heeting output: 35 kW
  • fuel: diesel,
  • fuel supply: from jerry can
  • max. fuel consumption: 3,7 kg/h
  • decon agent supply: from canister (venturi-suction)
  • dimensions (L*W*H): 1150 * 470 * 587 mm
  • weight: 144 kg

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