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About us
Respirator Company is the only company in Hungary that produces respiratory protective equipment. The German AUER Co. and the Hungarian Defence Treasury founded the ancestor of this company in 1928 in order to supply the army with respiratory protective devices from domestic production. Today the army and the civilian industrial demands are of the same importance in our production and sale. The Company is a Hungarian property.

Our activity covers the production of the whole range of personal respiratory protective equipment (facemasks, gas-, particle- and combined filters, fresh air hose- and compressed air line breathing apparatus) and marketing both our products and other PPE (safety shoes, goggles, gloves, hearing protection) on a basis of representing other producers in Hungary. Quality is the most important feature in any production, especially in the case of personal protective equipment. Our well-equipped laboratory and the multisided quality control during the production process ensure that only high quality goods leave our workshops.

The international acceptance of our filters and the ISO 9001 certificate of our production and quality system indicate that more than 80 years of experience in this field are "built into" our goods. We also have AQAP 2110 certificate, and we are using TNO developed instruments in our laboratory.


Our main customer groups are the chemical industry, nuclear power plant, civil defence, fire brigades and armed forces. Collecting the remarks of our customers is the task of the service people whose activity gives a great support to the success of our research and development work. The aim of Respirator Company is to give a contribution to the everyday safety of working people.


Dear Partners,


We inform you that from 10 th of February, 2015, Respirator Zrt., which always played and plays today also significant role in development, manufacturing and distribution of breathing protective equipment and decontamination systems both in the domestic and international markets since 1928, merged with its strategic partner, Gamma Zrt. 

The primary goal of the assimilation was to create a strong enterprise with significant development and manufacturing capacity.

The Metropolitan Court of Registration with its mandatory writs number Cg.01-10-042525/121 and Cg.01-10-041097/146 ordered the register entry of Respirátor Chemical and Fire Safety Private Limited Company by Shares (Cg. 01-10-041097) with Gamma zrt through the merger with GAMMA. Due to the merger date, from 10 February 2015, the legal successor of Respirátor is Gamma. The Company acquired Respirator, with termination of Respirátor the company's assets as a whole was transferred to the receiving Company GAMMA and GAMMA is entitled to the Respirator’ s rights and is subject to the obligations, including rights under certain licenses, or for the activities they carried out.

Gamma Zrt is the Respirator Zrt’s legal successor in all respects.  Respirator as a brand name will be kept and its product portfolio remains unchanged, the high standards of manufacturing will be maintained.

We highly appreciate your business and will continue to provide the highest quality service to you under the name of GAMMA Technical Corporation.

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