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Class-2 threaded filters
The Respirator's class-2, EN threaded filter cartridges have metal housing made of aluminium alloy. The technical parameters of the filters comply with the provisions of the DIN EN 14387:2008 +A1, EN 143:2007, EN 148-1 as well as DIN 3181-3:1994 standards. All types are CE marked.
Escape Hoods ABEK1P3, Reactor P3, COP3
The escape hood is an individual breathing protection device, which consists of a rubber half mask - equipped with a combined filter – built in a hood, protecting the head of the wearer- Due to its special construction, the hood protects the eyes, the respiratory organs and the head against materials dangerous to the health and enables at the same time the wearing of correctional eyeglasses.
FA-3 half mask
The FA-3 half mask with changeable twin filters forms a respiratory protective equipment. The flexible face piece made from neoprene, which softly fit to the wearer's face without irritating the skin. The head and neck straps are flexible and easily adjustable. The simply assembled inhalation valves ensure very low breathing resistance, which made the physical work easier.
R13 fire-fighter protective suit
The R13 fire-fighter protective suit is a multi-layered outerwear clothing, consisting of a jacket and trousers that overlay each other with at least 30 cm. Their base fabric and colour are the same, providing equal protection of the covered body surface up to the specified maximum heat stress and during the specified maximum duration. The product meets requirements of the relevant EN 469 Standard.
Light NBC protective suit set with accessories
The Reguard® PE Tyvek® protective overall with its accessories provides the wearer with excellent protection against effects of the Bird Flu and Swine Flu during the related operations. It prevents the toxic substances from getting into respiratory organs and skin.
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